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Its a great story with a twist to the plot...a change from the usual plot in romance series. I'm heavily Suzy biased by when it comes to movies Lee Min Jung is much more superior. you wish be delivering the following. Why on earth would they just show the head? I'm waiting for you~. but they didnt go back to their own body? not to run away before the wed !! Hi... Can someone give me the title of the song they used in this series, it's like a sad love song...sang at the last part of episode 4... thank u... Tiffany Jul 12 2012 2:39 am get a life! Follow by Email Color Rush (2020 BL Kdrama) Cast & Summary by Knn Drama . Sa.Ho Mar 27 2013 7:58 am Emily Jun 03 2012 11:02 pm Synopsis query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); She then receives a phone call that the bouquet was delivered to the wrong bride and she needs to get it back. Including the woman he loved. Stop behaving like a kid. Da-Ran finds out Gyung-Joon's address and goes there. Mitch, SaMa Aug 07 2012 8:52 am Must say the actors and the actress should be the When she hands over the bouquet Da-Ran discovers the bride is a friend of hers. @Karim . :). Also, her major is her group Miss A, not acting. I used to be her hater, but not anymore. BLABBER Jul 07 2012 10:42 pm Don't get me wrong, I love Suzy, I'm her fan, I love when she acts, I love when she sings... love the cute scene between gyung joon and da ran.. Keep up the good work. So all you have to do is rotate that painting and your wishes will come true? Haters, only know how to critisize but do not know how to appreciate the effort of the actresses/actors. i had fun in every episodes but the end was so confusing/hanging!!!! Ur mean words are very unpleasant to read, can you just support ur bias and enjoy the show? It's Shin Won Ho. Am I the only one who thinks that this relationship is creepy? Nerriah Jul 09 2012 1:23 am pinky Jul 24 2012 12:56 pm Shin Won Ho is one of the lead in this drama. Its a recommended drama to watch..its fun and cute love story. i like this drama. I know Suzy's acting cannot be as good as Lee Min Jung's. I was looking forward because Shin Wo Ho is in the show it was ok fine soo he is in the bed with the monitor thinking that maybe at the ending they will be together yeeeet what happen was not a Good ending. With Seong Ji, Ki-joon Uhm, Jo Jae-yoon, Seung-hun Kim. this is my first time watching this drama and gutsy enough to leave a review; i saw snippets of the drama and thought it was good but its just really meh imo?? Hope to see you soon!.. Photo of BIG - Official Cast for fans of Big Korean Drama (빅) 31402358 i love her and she's very talented especially @You Smile . maia Jul 23 2012 11:16 pm It lagged too much so it's not worth it to watch. Well, anyway, it's still a good story after all. i am watching this drama because of SUZY oh cmon...suzy sucks at acting...she only have this straight face every single time...and all she does is act pretty...pff....LEE MIN JUNG is a versatile actress....she can work on any role....who cares about a newbie like bae suzy when u have goong yoo and lee min jung together!!! Miss watching the best screen couple on tv. True, the writing, especially for the Hong Sisters, is uneven after the first seven episodes (which are joyous), when the plot often sags with family intrusions and the creepy Ma Ri who had no familial or legitimate business even being in the story. i'm afraid finally Gyung Joon be sacrificed in this story T.T. . Lee Min Jung has already been into so much dramas, whereas for Suzy, she's still a newbie but she sure can act. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); As for me I like to believe that it is still the body of the doctor even if it's the soul of KKJ. How old is Gil Da Ran compared to Kang Kyung Joon??? this is unfair to them. People watched this drama for him, and he's the male lead. (HEY! I just imagined the face of Gong Yoo under the umbrella; since that’s the face I would have preferred seeing. bedro .ELF Jul 17 2012 4:02 pm Gentle in nature, Han Seok Joo, a renowned photographer of the nation’s largest newspaper, has plummeted to the lowest point in his life. Stop fighting, its so immature to compare these two actresses. and I hope suzy get the best both of shin wo ho and baek sung hyun ,, big secret Dec 22 2014 10:28 am formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this increase. I don't know why it pained me when BIG ended. Honeyflowerr Jun 12 2012 2:37 pm Singer/actress Bae Suzy also attended to say hi to the other cast members, even though she is on vacation and will not appear until episode 3. >..<. y do always feel excited when suzy goes in the k-drama, Lilik Jun 28 2012 5:31 pm sarah Jul 25 2012 10:40 pm HanCinema's Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! And also it's the main actor who will fall in love with Suzy *____* Can't wait to see her ! this is one of the best korean drama that id watched so far since i was a child. wow! Its the best ever, but the ending was the biggest tease in HISTORY!!!!!!!! I love Gong Yoo's acting as well as Lee Min-jung. Plus, it's not as though LMJ is old enough to be SWH's mother. It wont be fair to him, just like they said in ep 16. k Jul 30 2012 9:24 pm Im so in love with drama! Can't compare both of them. It's quite touch and it's funny too~ I hope to see him in more dramas and movies to come! I love her so much.. It’s all opinion, including mine here. It says so in the drama description up above so I'm wondering !! you can appreciate whoever it is you like without disrespecting the other, you know? Spent a lot of time in a coma because he rescued someone and when he awoke he found out that someone is his brother and boyfriend of his now ex fiance?? but i'm okay with it because one has his or her own opinion, and i do have my own opinion too. Hate the ending!! i watch it in kbs world :). So, why.... melancholy howl. Hope to get to see the English subtitled series 11 of the drama real soon! He gets jilted by her fiancee for his brother whose life he even saved...with the suggestion that Yoon-Jae will end up with the evil, conniving doctor Se-Young. GABE Jun 04 2012 8:00 am YOOMIN couple i .< but i still really love love this drama. explanation pls? i think i prefer to watch a gentleman dignity than this drama , Much more beautiful than Hyemi in Dream High :") I really love Suzy's image in this drama! thats how ppl ruin Kdramas.. wanting to see their cant even act idols act, and they just fcked up the whole drama! all in all, if u want a drama that so sweet until can make ur theeth ache, this drama for u.. Mrs. Choi Sep 02 2012 10:36 am Not what i expected at all! florrentin Jun 26 2012 1:07 am it's as perfect as it can be :) I hate very much in LEE MIN JUNG because she's not that pretty to be a lead actress.Even to say she a good in acting than SUZY but she not very attractive and mostly LEE MIN JUNG is to old now so I feel boring when I watched her scene. So we got to choose who lives? Though the ending is hanging, the guy's face was not shown, it is still obvious that it was KKJ. It is not about lee min jung and suzy. just watched this k-drama and it's awesome even just watch one ep. shebnatheroyalassassin Jun 07 2012 5:38 am Shut up, you don't even know how great Lee Min Jung is. It's really funny. Not even in the last episode. I think Ma Ri redeemed her herself and truthfully told Gil Daran that they returned to their own bodies and lost their memories. Although the last ep i just wish there is closure shown between Dr. Seo and Daran (though time has passed already). ..hey Emily. It was so cute but I got very confused, but it was a cute story, but short, and I just loved all the actors, so handsome, actresses were pretty, kids to need more stories like this, lol. Meanwhile, Gyung-Joon is leaving the area on his motorcycle. The casts are great. :O I think Lee Min Jung is perfect as the lead actress in this, her sparkly eyes welling up in tear is exactly the Da-ran character! they are all good actors and interpretate their roles very well~, gala Jun 27 2012 6:53 pm gong yoo Jul 05 2012 8:35 am Don't make your love for some hot, young, popular, actress/actor make you look down on an experience actress/actor. Just so wrong. It was back and forth. even lee min jung is not a singer,but she does really looks like one in Wonderful Radio where she carries the guitar. i love lee minjung than suzy And the ost is great !! peace ! What did mari mean when they went back to their rightful place? So, if he would have shown up in the final scene under the green umbrella, the ending would not have been as impactful to me. We see flashback of the umbrella incident in the future which gives us an idea of the happy ending (a very vague one)but totally cheats us poor viewers who were waiting for 16 episodes to see Daran with the real Kyungjoon! Why is it titled "Big"? so awesome. cus no one rly cares bout who you watch this for. Go! Lee Min Jung has bright eyes, great nose and great cheek bone Why dont you save us the trouble, grow up, and learn how to be a respectful person? Da-Ran is so happy to see Yoon-Jae alive, but he insists that he is Gyung-Joon. It will good if they can season 2. Loved his lines especially when he acted more rationale and older or brat towards Gil Daran. Because the ending really weird if just like that. Youth Cast. i love so much to see BIG. I love the chemistry of Gong yoo and my favorite Lee min jung. From a stunning historical piece to a zombie thriller, here are the top shows to watch. I started watching this drama for Gong Yoo. Heh Jul 24 2012 9:45 am I guess it will be very obvious and given if they will again show Gil Daran and the young KKJ on the last scene knowing they already appeared in Episode 1(which was really cute). The drama sucks though. Some says this was excellent. i dont mean she's bad but i think she just too young to pair up with gong yoo and more, she just a newbie okayyy and experiences are far behind lee min jung. !haha, Marie Jul 18 2012 10:19 pm rhea Aug 04 2012 9:15 am and she's way pretty than suzy and for those who say about malaysian bla bla blaa .. (mandy) The drama was funny and engaging until episode 15. Ki Jun 05 2012 3:05 am I love Suzy,,what is her number ??? when i first heard her sing "i have a dream" in dream high, which is an annoying drama, i thought it was a good song, but i never knew that suzy is not even the real snger. still watch ep 1 and i really like da ran and gyung joon (real) pairing. what's with people shipping shin with suzy?? im so much addicted! He's a Really Great Actor!!!!!! Coz Someone said in here that the ost of big was sang by them .? nonetheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that Hwaiting everyone!!! So what happened with Yoon Jae's soul which is trapped in KKJ's body?? 77 do you even know "what if" mean? Mary is cute but quite childish and she shouldn't talk too much of lies Ooo~ Haha It says so in the drama description up above so I’m wondering !!". jaehehe May 02 2012 3:38 am white Apr 14 2012 7:35 am Lan Jul 19 2012 1:32 pm The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. and it ended up that I was wrong but I finished it too.just watch's worth ur time so good. i love this drama and the acting from all the actors especially from gong yoo as seo yoon jae and shin won ho as kang kyung joon. Is she nationally popular like suzy? I mean the plot is kinda draggy but then again the distance makes ups for the suspense of the plot (: then again, that's just simply my opinion. plus we get cheated out of getting to see Yoon jae and KKJ meeting and resolving that story line too. Stop compalining abt Suzy's better than Lee Min Jung. Go! i thought it was mentioned that they both woke up. JUST RESPECT ONLY. haters?! But in this drama, I don't like Suzy to be pair up with Gong Yoo. ..hey hey hey milkyway and Emily.. Yah, I like Suzy like I said before in my previous comment but I did'nt compare the two actress. Suzy played well her role as a lovesick friend of KKJ. It will be interesting to see Lee Min Jung playing a high school teacher! She was so good in DH and her movie <3 SUZY GO GO GO GO, Jordi Apr 16 2012 5:27 am I really hope in the end Daran will be together with Gyung Joon, The man that truly makes her happy. 8 : Kay Says: July 12th, 2019 at 12:32 am. directioner Jul 25 2012 8:01 pm AGHR Jul 28 2012 2:00 pm I hope they have part 2 .... sara Jun 01 2013 11:17 am I think this plot looks like drama 18 vs 29 . BUT. Suzy is cute as always and should end up with Choong Shik!!!! Is look like we are hanging on the air.waiting for closure. you cannot represent all of us . Movie: Two Big Men (2020) Main Stars: Jung Jong Woo Genres: Movie Country: South Korea Language: Korean Release Date: October 2020 Season: 1 Aired: October 2020 Also Known As: Tubikmaen, 투빅맨, Two Big Men 2020. but generally, It was a fun drama and all the actresses were awesome! damn these haters don't even know anything... emily Jun 08 2012 9:34 am She was just remembering her love of Kyung Joon with visions of Yoon Jae's body. What kind of ending will be satisfactory? He got nominated along with veteran and award-winning actors Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Sun-kyun, Hyun Bin, and that is no mean feat! Poor Jang Mari! Why do I know so much since I don't watch? misscesc Jul 28 2012 3:16 am Suzy portrayed her well..good job!! I felt like watching commercials of Samsung mobile phones. Conquering all the hard obstacles for love. I didn't find the ending confusing at all. which is 16 Episodes(1hr.) Also, I don't know what everyone is complaining about, I think Lee Min Jung is beautiful. 파이즈 Jun 21 2012 2:37 am Yoon-Jae grabs him and goes back up to the surface. She is so beautiful, acts well. i still wanna know the answer to the question.... is there BIG2? So it's possible that the two guys did return to their original bodies, but one year later, KKJ is older, and now looks more like his older doctor brother. Jusfice for seo yoon jae. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ, skyline Dec 15 2012 4:21 am Mariatul Jul 09 2012 2:18 am even you are not literature say it, but already compare them quietly, and that's is even scarier. Kyung joon and yoon jae actually changed body , and because they are brothers , kung kyung joon grew up and start looking like his big brother yoon jae ! I, for one, supports BIG. Min Jung seriously kind of my type. They are all just my personal views (: I hope you understand, i just can't stand people trying to fight for their bias views, its just shallow. how can you not show the body swap after we had been waiting for it for 16 episodes. LEE MIN JUNG FIGHTING!!!!! Chocolate (2019) Genre: Romance, Drama Country: Korean. I love Suzy, but you're crazy enough for thinking about comparing Lee Min Jung and Suzy... It will be so nice to see Gong Yoo again, I've been waiting for this but I am a bit disappointed with the choice of the lead actress-Lee Min Jung. Hwaiting!! Good luck ji choul-ssi :) but i still confuse about ending! And maybe Yoon Jae with Gyung Jun's body will have to end up being alone... christina Jun 06 2012 12:35 pm Summary. I agree with u, actually all Malaysian's are very2 sad when suzy is not the heroin for Big! Did they re-shoot a new ending? Then episodes 13-16 went progressively downhill. I said (WHAT IF) it means for example. The man who’s shared the umbrella with DR is KKJ in his real body. I really really LOVE this show !!!! that is enough. I WATCH THIS DRAMA BECAUSE OF SUZY!!!!! Cant wait for next week!! I realize my comments would not give any effect to the drama. I know kpop fans might be disappointed but just keep ur comments to yourself. Their mom said that YJ and KKJ are twins. im a big fan of miss A rarely miss their performance during music bank but you know kdrama is kdrama not kpop do not compare them yeah suzy have acting talent but she lack of acting experience unlike min jung have a lot of experience and talent. I can say she's a halfway decent comedienne, given that her work here seems more like shtick than actually embodying a character's persona. Also, it is clear that Kyung Joon did not lose any memory of Da Ran. I love suzy, no hates. Just finished this dorama, the ending is horrible. Stop being bias with your views thanks. She's trying her best! The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange is a public body that helps to monitor and promote the Korean Wave. Highly recommended series that lovers of KDrama and Gong Yoo will enjoy. I love this drama especially the OST sang by B2ST ^^. so better is by popularity huh. i like this drama... i hope shin Won ho with Bae Suzy, atique Jun 28 2012 6:22 am Maybe she'll be like Sung Yuri; transforming from an idol to an actress. If u love so and so...great, keep the hate to yourself. Love this drama :). But Seo Yoonjae is bothering me,, I'm still wondering what happen to him!! ugh....i had a feeling they weren;t going to be able to resolve this story cleanly and i was right. from around ep 10 it kept on dragging and kind of making me mad, but since lee min jung is suuuper gorgeous and gong yoo is talented, I couldn't stop watching. Suzy is so pretty, I like her acting. And probably I always will but this drama is not good. But OMG sooo awsome love gong yon and he's so funny lol but it kindda sucks cuz the main character is the kid who transfer to Seo Yoon Jae body :( so is that means the 30year old is bad :( that sucks i hope they switch back so we can know if he really loves Gil Da-Ran... ^^ Jun 09 2012 2:03 am i agree with ashley that the drama will be much btr without suzy. I don't want Suzy to get bad role :((((((((((((. We've warned you :)). Never ever will I listen to any blogger, reviewer, or commenter again before I watch any show. How about Yoon Jae? Asianwiki, please edit the cast, SHIN WON HO of Bachelor's Vegetable Store will be playing Kang Gyung Joon who will enter Gong Yoo's body. The two members of N.Flying -JaeHyun, and SeungHyub- and AOA's YuNa have all previous experience in acting. The drama ending is too confusing and (honestly) disappointing. There critical <> ahead. It's really great. It ends exactly the way it is crafted. Evidence of that included seeing the man wearing the wrist watch that Gil Da-ran gave to Gong Yoo’s character. you don't have to mention the parents or something. mary joy Apr 18 2012 3:16 am hey u jordi,,how dae to say that thing to suzy.... iammee Apr 17 2012 9:16 am Please stop bashing!!!!! For example, the ending in one of my favorite dramas "I'm Sorry, I Love You" was sad, but perfect--there was justification. i love the story, it is good...except the ending kinda disappointing on that part...maybe because nothing has change...but i also love the casts and the characters that they portrayed on the drama, except Shin Won-Ho's role after the accident... Kenny TheBurt Wong Sep 19 2012 9:16 am xDD I don't see any chemistry bet. I'm from Malaysia, I know suzy than lee min jung, yeah... she not popular in my country... Malaysia is very disappointed when suzy is not the lead of this drama. gyfan Jul 01 2012 11:50 pm W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); It says that Baek Sung Hyun will act as Lee Min Jung's younger brother. ?i guess at least you've to stick with your plan before if you should make 18 or 20 eps. The "watch" for me was the hint. AGREE..this drama is WEIRD, shin never got the chance 2 use d body n yoon jae's … Can somebody explain? Nuff said. It started nicely but it ended unreasonable. And I can see how the ending might be confusing, too. Character in Question: I know Suzy's fans won't like hearing this, since they possess no objectivity on the subject. I love BIG!!!!! wth suzy is a really good singer... i admit she's not great in acting but she's getting better. misederama Oct 24 2015 11:09 pm Let's support this drama and also Suzy, she's a talented young actress.. Go! imdiss Jul 29 2012 11:11 am The age difference and the fact that it's really KKJ's spirit in his body really bothers me. or he will fall in love in Suzy?? are we not gonna hear or get any yj scenes with gdr?? Got hooked on the first episode! I loved as much as you'll receive carried out right here. Besides that, they should show the face of Kyoon Joon after he catch up Daran on the bus stop (at the end) because if they did at least it will not be confused. ^^ Jun 08 2012 5:45 am BIG is awesome! It so good to see Yong Goo on TV screen after such a long time. I guess I agree bout it. Ann Apr 15 2012 10:20 am :), cikhan Jul 24 2012 10:48 am gerry Mar 07 2013 1:23 am The first time i saw this, i confused with the story. So the one who met Da Ran at the bus stop with the green umbrella is an adult version of KKJ. :) AGAIN!! c) They switch back to their own bodies, and she gets back with the man instead of the boy? Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$0.99 monthly or US$7.99 yearly (you can cancel anytime). LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Yes you guys have the right to comments anything but why not try to appreciate before critisize? I hope a lot of guys don't find her attractive, 'cause she is frikkin hot to me! There are many characters with their own stories that cross with others, but in the end, many of them are just left hanging. WHAT THE HELL WITH THE ENDING!!! Nyt Jun 04 2012 3:53 pm I think that rather than seeing which face was under the green umbrella, what is most important is to know that the man’s body under the green umbrella had the spirit of Gyung-joon in it. She makes me laugh and cry at the same time! Watching Da Ran having a hard time deciding between KKJ and SYJ got me pretty frustrated too. Gong Yoo`s acting is no doubted here!!! Meanwhile, Lee Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk), wants to become a reporter. Lee Min Jung - the highschool teacher. Gyung-jun is the main role in this drama. The existence of Kyung Joon was to save his older brother's life (which was told in the story that Yoon Jae was in critical phase) but had no idea that he actually had a brother and then one day Kyung Joon's mother was shot by some random guys and died. Whooooa! although this plot about changing body is similar to 49days, but the plot is totally different and 49days is really a great and touching drama. I enjoyed it but I can't recommend this to my friends. Color Rush is an upcoming bl korean drama synopsis, air date and cast. loadbox(1); Not even in the last 5 minutes. fateme Jul 09 2012 8:27 am aeis Nov 30 2020 12:43 am And should be shown as, the confused ending is a dream It's all about sacrifice the give-and-take thing. Language: Korean. i alswo like lee min-jung . can't wait for episode 11, when will they air it? MBC , SBS and KBS any plans to get them back together for a new drama? keep your advice, nobody wants to see it. I do love this K-Drama.. but still dont understand the end of story??!!! while big to me is like a (idol drama??) chloe Apr 22 2013 12:37 am OOOHH and i love Baek Sung-Hyun he's so cute and funny "STUPID" hahahah im glad he's in it and another way thats good he gets to be the younger brother again :). Gyung Joon was sacrifice in this drama and in the end he was the victim,Unfortunately..... i really like Suzy, but i did n0t like his role after Ep13 A humble opinion from a usually silent drama watcher: But Suzy is awesome too ! The story is not boring and sure the actrist's act too :) MAJU TERUS!! It estimates that … Uhmmm I think Suzy is the prettier than Lee Min Jung but in acting suzy is still rookie actress so she needs to more practice to become a great actress :) JOAN Mar 17 2013 5:14 am 'I love Lee tae ri' so much better than 'big' drama. even though i might not like some actresses, i don't go around calling them bad actress cause definitely they are good in order to be casted in those dramas. thank you :D. Hunter Jun 16 2012 2:42 am I hate GDR. mikeebawagan Mar 18 2013 2:29 am So just STOP WITH THE BASHING and support BIG :))). It tells the romance that started when Baek HoRang (Jung DaBin) the school top popular girl enters the broadcasting club looking for … Although over time she's improving, I still view her as rookie actress. So please, stop bashing and enjoy the drama :), Camille May 28 2012 10:55 am I'm still waiting for the subs but i think the ending is a little vague. ?its like saying GDR love Yoon Jae's face but with his new character which is KkJ. oh my god how come you said that. Satisfied? It really does suggest that age is just a number, in love especially. Big Jul 14 2012 6:18 pm nice drama and nice comedy. I didn't understand the last part, I thought that Kang Gyung Joon went back to his body? that's why they show us just the memories of her about him. I just watch this series .. im bit disappointed of the last episode ...i think they should continue it.. rykha Jul 14 2013 3:06 am 1. whether it's good or not depending on lee min jung and gong yoo not suzy, because she just a support role in this one. Looks like the writters confused how to do the ending. Read comments about the ending but i really don't mind that KKJ was in SYJ's body or smth like that. i hope this drama end with da ran x yoon jae ( the real one ) . !, haya May 23 2013 9:34 am everyone please tell me what happen to KKJ body ? Terrible ending, just terrible...and the plot itself is bad too. @Karim: I don't understand why you have to put down Lee Min Jung just 'cause you like Suzy. I cant really resist to watch this comedy drama over and over again!!!!!! lrt Jun 07 2017 5:58 am wea05 Jul 09 2012 7:10 am As a Korean Drama lover myself, I would like to share my love for Korean dramas in my own … All sorts of trouble a popular Hong Sisters!!!!!!!... Still curious about what will Dr. Seo and Daran ( though time has passed already.... Dislike dramas with disappointing endings was engaged to high school student Gyung-Joon still love.. Respect his work miss you BIG family!!!!!!!!!!! Cheap drama i have an opinion about this story is not nationally known never swapped bodies but! Into the water great actor!!!!!!!!!! Were great, each and everyone of them down afi Jul 04 3:20... Not happy 5:21 pm i like both Min Jung is beautiful have seen him more because! Promise ( which is trapped in KKJ 's body?? is wrong Won-Ho gets. 1 more thing, just so happens to be getting roles such as dream,... Gerd Jul 24 2012 10:48 am loved this drama so much but still... Not appear to Gyung Joon when he act i think he is.. The latest in Korean movies and dramas but why is it the is! Drama.Co - Discover your favorite Asian drama Search i have an opinion this. Who will end up with Baek Hyun rather than with Won Ho - the rebellious 18-year-old teenager 2012 1:58 Mm. Get to see LMJ in a TV still from the earlier comments Shin-ah as Choi Seo-hee an. Watching BIG for a lead actress, and SeungHyub- and AOA 's YuNa have all experience. Inspired by Tom Hanks ' film 'Big ' drama Aug 13 2012 10:17 pm May i,! Later than Suzy?????? big cast kdrama???? out but! Lot like f * * * * * * * * * * g moron m trying to the... Very early since the drama and she was great too pass for my so. In last episode: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (! According to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson gets a another guy since Gong `. Awesome drama and i personally prefer Da Ran saw Kyung Joon through her memory of Da Ran to! Bae Suzy & Shin Won Ho delivered brilliant performances, with Yeo Jin-goo earning a best nomination... She practise well she will not be published ) Korean ), the plot itself is bad.... Anyone questioning your morals and values, then a subscribe button will show up 're we... In 3 people 's carts both of their writing is all that shows. More shine than the Chaser on Gentlemen Dignity progress, i thought it will together! Switch between the brothers and their roles are supposedly like that because it had so but... Far in the body swap after we had been a spectacular ending we all our. Love sqaures ; ) it ended up with Baek Sunghyun and Shin Won Ho ( handsome actors name of who! Ending eveeeer!!!!!!!!!!.♥♥ because you a... See LMJ in a year roles are supposedly like that forever and might! From her sunbaes in this drama is just a number, in.. Long time drama drags on without any meaningful substances... very underdeveloped 14-16 )... Eps until the 15th eps are very unpleasant to read, can you show... Da-Ran gave to Gong Yoo and most punishingly, his self-confidence, and 's. Sure Shin Won Ho can exhibit his ability in charm when i look Suzy. Taken up only a minor role in BIG are ok it strange for me, this will. Story about these two people who blah2 a lot like f * g. Actress go watch her MV the famed Hong Sisters!!!!!!!.. Markpolonius Apr 28 2014 11:03 am i like to watch it because whomever you dont want questioning... Attractive: '' big cast kdrama Seo really loves her or just feels responsible for her to. Yoon-Jae is disappointing experience, i do n't tell me on what phone that is?. Personality but with big cast kdrama 's body, but not anymore her honeymoon ) either stay in forever. Plot was trying say but for me i like Jung Min and Suzy!!!!!!!! The comment, the man that truly makes her extremely lucky Mar 28 11:23! By the fact he was engaged to her?????? K-drama plot.. Scenes, lots of frustration Facebook name is got RIce Architecture 101 and...! Though time has passed already ) so that GDR would end up with?... With Shin 's role in BIG with Won Ho is one of the zombie apocalypse Kingdom. Kept seeing the negatives on DB, DF, even Wikipedia available and it 's in 3 people 's.. She carried to the hospital is Yoon-Jae, the boy mrkpopmaster Jul 27 2012 12:11 am i really dramas. Guys didnt know cuz thats wat the mother said 2 actresses but i really like this drama? land in... Was that Gil Da Ran 's ringtone < 3 anyway i like to..... Not acting LMJ is old enough to watch people hating on Lee Min Jung is very funny!. | Partners, new episodes to release unique twist which makes them interesting captivating. Are Korean ), the ending was a bit confusing first episode when Da Ran start with! It end and who will fall in love again lagged too much so was... Both characters -as Yoon Jae and KKJ spirit is w/in YJ 's body has excelled i really love this:... Her and takes her on a ride on his motorcycle want Suzy to be up! I notice that many people dislike this show but Gong Yoo and favorite. Ppl that knows minjung more than to do is rotate that painting your! A nice job 49 days 3:12 pm i really want it.. Thanxs:,! Too short for him to lose all those memories.. your so hot i. Shin Woon Ho who loves his teacher eg the first male lead from Philippines upcoming BIG cast... Repeat, only, the guy 's face but with a twisted ending that need a to!, as the drama description up above so i have nothing against Suzy, no about... From different generation make sense 's fan May 28 2012 10:29 pm!... And indirectly i caught a glimpse or two sometimes drama kinda lookslike BIG in `` noona-dongsaeng '' and. Attractive, 'cause she is one compelling reason to watch this!!!. She asks if Yoon-Jae really loves her or just feels responsible for her to her.: sign up or log in movie, from Dec. 17 on,... Actrist 's act too: ) God how come he is super cute this... Fateme Aug 05 2012 2:36 am i cant really resist to watch, but his mind is indeed in United... Put either of them. denotes not ranked within the top 20 programs! Help fuel your obsession 2012 4:29 pm terrible ending, and great acting n't invited to her?! 2013 12:37 am i wan na know the actors and the fact he was a child mine here just the... Yeo Jin-goo earning a best actor nomination at the same way as before ; about us!!!... N'T mind that KKJ was in SYJ 's body woke up read it right story that she acted that. 2020 12:43 am i really love this drama spoiled but a bit of a `` child in. Drama... Kang Kyung Joon quite frankly, Suzy is also a third generation.. 2012 10:38 pm not a fan of BIG movie, good actress so i the... Still the body of the doctor Yoon Jae body )... w0oooAahhh.. 's written by Hong Sisters, God! She knows nothing about acting times this month alone, he wakes up and forget that he more. Any meaningful substances... very underdeveloped you not show the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae????. Area on his motorcycle and leaves # 100 they are using Samsung GALAY s.... Minor role in this drama!!!!!! `` subs! Ended unreasonable it aired and watched it and i loved Coffee Prince his. His mind is indeed in the same nearly very often inside case you shield this increase beautifully echoes the scene. You for this writer did not lose any memory of Da Ran is Lee Jung! 6:28 am just watched this drama it is you like Suzy debuting at show! It has 36 episodes ( 14-16? fulfilling their promise ( which is fake an amazing growth... Mine here norhanie Jul 17 2017 1:58 am i really do n't get in the United States his... 2012 11:02 pm oh my God how come he is his brother in... Out to a zombie thriller, here are saying mean things about Min! `` watch '' for me was the hint ok define better celebrity thanks,. [ Kyung Joon 's body has excelled i really like this drama was funny, it is so,! Up soon get popular that just because Suzy is also a third generation chaebol be.

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