measure l oceanside, ca

A YES vote on Measure L preserves Oceanside's farmland, grows fresh produce for Oceanside residents, and creates an education center for children to learn about farming. North River Farms will widen College Bridge to six lanes - reducing traffic congestion, adding safe bike lanes, and improving wildfire evacuation routes. We are your neighbors, friends, educators and farmers. At NO COST to taxpayers, North River Farms provides: Voting NO on Measure L is a vote against local farming. This measure was placed on the ballot by the governing board of the Oceanside Unified School District (“District”). We all share the same vision for Oceanside-a vibrant, sustainable community with a high quality of life for all. Advertise With Us. Measure L – Oceanside It's known around Oceanside as the North River Farms Project. The defeat on Tuesday of Oceanside’s Measure L, the plan for a mixed-use development with up to 585 homes, follows a trend of ballot box failures in San Diego County. Great vibe, huge portions, good deals, and I'm always left satisfied. ESTHER C. SANCHEZ 19,752 -31.04%; CHRISTOPHER RODRIGUEZ 11,564 -18.17%; JACK FELLER 9,104 -14.31%; ROB HOWARD 6,906 -10.85%; ROCKY JOHN CHAVEZ … The current zoning is Agricultural, potentially allowing 2.5-acre minimum residential lots. Finally, the City Council introduced, and subsequently adopted, Ordinance No. The City Clerk serves as the Election Officer for the City. Voting YES on L also sends the strong message that Oceansiders prefer farming communities over estate homes built for the rich on sprawling 2½-acre lots. If Measure L doesn't pass, the site reverts back to zoning for estate homes on 2½-acre lots only the rich can afford. Oceanside Measure M, a marijuana business tax measure, was on the ballot as a referral in Oceanside on November 3, 2020. This measure, if approved by 55% of the qualified electors voting on this measure, will authorize the District to issue and sell general obligation bonds … Ordinance No. The estimated cost for placing this measure on the ballot is $115,000 to $160,000. Información no partidista sobre las 7 medidas locales para las comunidades de Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside y Solana Beach en el norte del condado de San Diego en la boleta para las elecciones generales, el 3 de Noviembre 2020. Oceanside Measure L, a development project zoning referendum measure, was on the ballot as a referendum in Oceanside on November 3, 2020. Mraz joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss his opposition to Measure L sayings, “The other side says it’s saving farms and creating an agritopia but none of that is true. Join local farmers, firefighters, community and business leaders In voting YES on L! Oceanside, long a hotbed of local politics, is turning up the heat in November. WHAT IS GUARANTEED? We all share the same vision for Oceanside - a vibrant, sustainable community with a high quality of life for all. In a few weeks, voters in the region’s most populous city will decide the fate of North River Farms, a 585-home, agriculture-themed, mixed use development proposed for the rural neighborhood of Morro Hills. California shouldn't respond by cracking down on food theft. Thank you for all your help. It calls for rezoning that will allow development on land now used for agriculture. They are printed exactly as submitted, including errors. LILLIAN ADAMS,Retired Oceanside Unified School Board Member, ROCKY J. CHAVEZ,Retired Colonel, United States Marine Corps, ARLEEN HAMMERSCHMIDT,Retired Oceanside Unified Educator/Coach, Transcribed from: 19-OR0729-1 changes the zoning to Planned Development to accommodate the North River Farms project, approved by the City Council, including up to 585 homes, a 24.9-acre commercial village, 68.1 acres of agriculture, and 17 acres of parks/open space.

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