The Quality of Plus & Minus Zero

The universe can be born out of the condition, the field of plus and minus zero.

Plus and minus zero is a state. The state can fluctuate from zero to plus zero relative to minus zero.

Plus zero has the proclivity, the tendency, to become one.

For zero to be able to exist in a state with a value of 1 explains a lot of quantum weirdness. A particle can exit as plus zero and minus zero. Thus, the double slit experiment results demonstrate an applicable interference pattern.

Plus and minus zero particle states can explain quantum entanglement.





Working Backwards from Here

Could I end up here, a conscious being with a nervous system, blood circulating due to a heart beating; from quantum fluctuations in a vacuum field?

Ok, you’ve got elements generated from stars which collapse.

Hydrogen is converted to helium which is converted to heavier elements.

So, can I get hydrogen from quantum fluctuations?

Can I get energy from quantum fluctuations?

Yes, I think so, if kinetic energy is relative to gravitational energy.

Can you tell the difference between gravitational energy and  negative energy? No.

Can you tell the difference between kinetic energy and positive energy? No.

So the change in dimension that is kinetic energy relative to the change in energy that is gravitational energy, is the change in dimension that is positive energy  defined relative to the change in dimension that is negative energy.

So gravity is negative dimension of space. And energy is positive dimension of space. So the change in positive dimension is relative to the change in negative dimension.

Change in dimension is conserved.

Why is there change in dimension?

Is change in dimension more stable?Does it have lower entropy?

Due to definition, definition is relative. The definition of nothing is relative. There is definition, even if it is definition of nothing. Nothing is negative nothing relative to positive nothing.

7:01 pm 12/13/2014.

Thus,a new mathematics. To explain being.

Just as zero was once invented, and created a new mathematics.

There is positive and negative zero.

Until fluctuations phase.

Then there is +1 / -1 / 0.   As States.

Perhaps positive and negative zero can explain quantum phenomenon. Such as the double slit wave pattern. Or quantum tunneling.

Perhaps it explains where all of the antimatter is.

Antimatter is the potential of negative dimension to change to positive dimension.

Antimatter is the potential of positive dimension to change to negative dimension.


the entropy of unphased fluctuations

so, what is the entropy of phased fluctuations?

the entropy of unphased fluctuations is zero.

as fluctuations entangle, is there an increase in entropy?

does a straight line have lower entropy than a knot?


so, fluctuations entangle.



entanglement rule

this is the rule of fluctuations phasing.

things get tangled up. its a mystery how the power cords and cables under any desk get tangled up, but they do.

look at your ear buds. ball them up and then try to straighten them out by letting them dangle from your hand.

fluctuations get tangled up. they phase.

mass, a point of density of phased fluctuations, occurs.

mass converts to energy as fluctuations unnot.

the equation for fluctuations get entangled: