double slit explained

its like the was a cord gets completely tangled up.

picture it like a path way that has every possibility.

and so if this tangled up mess went thru a slit, or a double slit, you would get the same thing.  because the tangled up mess is every possibility. its not weird.

where do strings come from?

where do strings come from?

from the phasing of fluctuations of space.

phased fluctuations have 12 dimensions, not including time.

positive / negative dimensions

~ positive / ~ negative dimension.

xyz axis          quadrant           +   l     –  

~ + l ~ –

Unphased fluctuations phased: AntiMatter and AntiGravity

unphased fluctuation collides with an unphased fluctuation.

the result is a phased fluctuation.

unphased fluctuations are virtual.

phased fluctuations are persistent.

6.  See +E / -E             ~+E / ~ -E          illustrated.

7. See matter & antimatter. Gravity & antigravity.

8. Predict antigravity.  3 / 5 / 16  11:09 pm

9. antigravity = antiEnergy

10. Gravity does not have a repulsive force.

Antigravity has a repulsive force.


testing what happened before the big bang

Test the following theory of what happened before the Big Bang.

Theory is that there are fluctuations in space. fluctuations cancel out.

Fluctuations can phase. Become persistent. Get all tangled up.

4.  Like your ear buds. Phasing is … random.  ?????

5. Tangled fluctuations gravitate to a central point.

How know? Test this by ph… fluctuations phasing .

Fluctuations phase, is a gravitational field.

Entropy: Tangle is entropy decrease. Is greater disorder.

One tangle relative to another creates energy differential.

Total E = 0. Tangle creates greater disorder.

11. As tangles gravitate toward each other, Energy differential decreases.

12. See Order … But the universe becomes more complex and within more complex. (?)

One complex  [component] of entropy decrease while another complex [component] of entropy increases.

14. Increase > Decrease in Entropy.

Phased fluctuations are random.

Energy differential is increase in gravitational attraction.

15 Test by electric meter. If create stable phased fluctuation. Then is plate differential. [pressure on plate? electrical field on plate?]

16 Use electromagnetic fields to increase phasing of fluctuation; pulsating electromagnetic fields.

17 phased fluctuations create change in gravitational waves.

use double slit to