Anti-Dimension/Dimension Intersectional Interchange Produces Plasmatic Flow

Anti-dimensional space and normative dimensional space intersect. Dimensions rotate around the intersection creating an interchange.

The intersectional interchange generates a void. The void is filled as anti-dimension and normative dimension rush in; the lobes pass through each other and the void is filled. The circles represent lobes which are fluctuations in dimension. In figure 2, the lobes are passing through each other; anti-dimension space and normative dimensional space slice through each other.

In figure 2, knotted fluctuations of space, represented by the ‘+’, happen to outnumber the knotted fluctuations of anti-dimensional space ‘-‘ in the intersected space. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ annihilate, creating a plasma.

Proportionately, ‘+’ remains.   Such a scenario illustrates how matter particles could outnumber anti-matter particles. The intersection of lobes creates a void in which knotted dimensions enter. This results in the expansion of the normative dimension and the expansion of anti-dimensional space, anti-dark energy.  The expansion of normative dimension is attributed to dark energy. What we refer to as dark energy is the expansion of anti-dimensional lobes into normative dimensional space.  Gravitational effects in the area of intersection between the lobes are cancelled out.  Thus, there is an anti-gravitational effect associated with dark energy.

When the lobes knot the normative dimensional lobe and the anti-dimensional lobe loop through each other, dimensional space knots. The lobes are already part of interrelated lobes. So, lobes knot within lobes. And those lobes may already be knotted. The looping within lobes, which occurs because this occurrence is a reduction in entropy, is an expansion of the universe. The occurrence of the expansion of the uniiverse, is attributed to dark energy.

So, six dimensions of normative space are knotted with six anti-dimensions of anti-space. Knotted with another six dimensions. The knots change the flow of dimension and thus produce the gravitational effect which is attributed to dark matter.

Plasma flow induces electro-magnetic field which results in magnetic bubbles.

From Yahoo link below:

As the plasma travels, the magnetic field forms odd, “bubble-like structures” called magnetic islands.

“These may be produced from helical current perturbations in the plasma,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory published in a report from—wait for it—1974. “Physically the islands are a result of having a harmonic component of the radial component of the perturbed magnetic field in resonance with the unperturbed rational surface field lines, in the presence of shear.”

Researchers realized then that blasting the plasma with radio waves went a long way toward stabilizing the stream and reducing the factors that led to disruptions from islands. In 2019, a new generation of researchers identified a way to improve just how stabilizing those radio waves could be, boosting them using tiny temperature fluctuations called perturbations.

By “depositing” accumulating radio frequency waves within the magnetic islands, scientists can suspend the islands and prevent them from growing. And in the new paper, researchers suggest that by carefully controlling and varying the temperature of the plasma, they can magnify the controlling effect of radio waves.

This nonlinear treatment of the temperature introduces new variables, too. The scientists say they’re excited about the possibilities for new control schemes and other subsequent research.

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