How Phasing Occurs

phasing occurs because space gets compressed between fluctuations.

forming slits in dimensions of space.

as fluctuations move thru a slit, they phase.

with the formation of slits which fluctuations transverse , interference occurs.

what’s left is negative dimension of space relative to a positive dimension, which corresponds to a particle.


happens when interference = wavelength

hc/wavelength = mgH  when wavelength = distance

distance scale comparable to the wavelength

wavelength = distance is when energy defined.

works w definite freq and wavelength.

monochromatic light.


compression of Dimension

one fluctuation impinges on the space of another fluctuation. negative dimensions impinging on negative dimensions. positive dimensions impinging on positive dimensions.

this occurs in the space between fluctuations.

creating lines of force.

lines of impingement. from which particles emerge.

negative dimensions repel negative dimensions.
positive dimensions repel positive dimensions.

positive dimensions attract negative dimensions.