phasing focused: like a laser beam

phasing is a crack in the world.  a crack in space.  a crack in dimension.

phasing is equal and opposites: gravity and antigravity, matter and antimatter.

phasing explains quantum effects, as it comes and goes. unpredictably.

so, getting back to the proposition:

phasing in/of fluctuations of dimension, if concentrated would create what? a warp in the dimensions of space? an opening in the dimensions of space?

an experimentally pursuable question?

we set up conditions of phasing. using double slit conditions.

let’s presume we discover effects of phasing.  we detect a gravitational anomaly. equivalent to an energy emission.

and we’re understanding how being is…

so, now can we focus the interphasing of dimension?

can we match amplitudes?  together.  focused, concentrated.

can we create a laser of creation?

can the elemental aspect of creation be focused? like a laser?

what would we see? what would be?

can we shift gravity?

while creating energy? a stream of energy?

with a radiating gravitational effect? gravitational pollution?