AntiDimensional space interacts with Spatial Dimensions to Produce a Plasma

Equations for a Plasma Consisting of Matter and Antimatter

Fluctuations of space have lobes in every dimension. Six normative spatial dimensions and six antispatial dimensions exist because definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity.

When a lobe in a normative dimension interacts with a lobe in an antidimensional spatial lobe, a void forms; the dimensions cancel out. Knotted fluctuations in dimension rush in. A plasma is produced from matter / antimatter annihilation.

Dark Energy

Matter and anti-matter are created in equal quantities because definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity. Quantities of normative fluctuations and anti-dimensional fluctuations intersect creating a void. An increase in entropy occurs when the void is filled. The void is filled with unequal quantities definition and anti-definition, with definition being a knotted fluctuations of space. As knotted normative and anti-normative dimensions cancel out, which is the cancelling out of matter and antimatter a plasma results. While normative and anti-normative fluctuation are equivalently defined, the filling of the intersectional void occurs asymmetrically. If there is a preponderance of normative knotted dimensions in fluctuations, matter will persist.

The interaction of the antidimensionl lobe enters the space of the normative dimensional lobe producing, an expansionary effect on the universe. This may be what has been identified as Dark Energy.

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