The Source of Dark Matter & Dark Matter and the Big Bang are the Same Phenomenon

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

That phenomenon is fluctuations of space that phase.

Dark matter demonstrates pre-Big Bang formation.  Pre-bubble universes.

Because there is already matter in the form of galaxies, dark matter in this universe is not coalescing into a single area.

But the fluctuations in space phase, become persist and expand space as dark energy,  through potential becoming kinetic as dark matter coalesces.


This phenomenon fluctuations of space, which form dark matter, coalesce into the Big Bang.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy: So obvious

It is so obvious that they come from the same source.

Why the imbalance? Why 3:1 dark energy to dark matter?

Potential to kinetic energy.

When fluctutions in space phase they stop cancelling out.

Phased fluctuations are persistent changes in the shape of space.

A positive and negative relative change in the shape of space creates a gravitational effect as phased fluctuations attract each other. Potential energy is converted to Kinetic energy. Dark matter  is the potential energy of the negative relative change in the shape of space of phased fluctuations . Dark energy is kinetic energy of the positive change of phased fluctuations.

The potential energy created when phased fluctuations in space attract each other changes the shape of space. Space is pushed out as phased fluctuations attract and potential energy becomes kinetic.

Like binding energy.

We learned that the universe isn’t only expanding, but there’s like a force inside empty space that helps to push the universe apart. It actually is accelerating the expansion of the universe, and this has really dramatic consequences. It will mean that the distant part of the universe will start moving away so fast at a point, that it’ll go faster than the speed of light.