quantum entanglement

look. its not that mysterious.

entanglement is a function of definition.

definition of equal and opposite relativities which phase and form a standing wave.

definition is an equal and opposite change in dimension.

a change in one effects the other.

however far apart.

the definition of nothing is a field

A field of equal and opposite relativities.

1’s and -1’s.  equal and opposite changes in dimension.

from the process of change in dimension, standing waves form.

The change from 1 to -1 generates a wave.

This change occurs because it is the definition of nothing.

Waves interact and become standing waves.

The change in space is circular. The ball spirals.


Reverse Engineering the Double Slit Experiment

How does definition occur?

Definition occurs when phasing occures.

There is no definition until phasing occurs.

The only definitionyou will see will be due to phasing.

The single slit pattern is unrestricted phasing.

Just as with the photoelectric effect, which was considered a mathematical effect, the undefined location of a particle is not a mathematical effect. The particle is undefined in three dimensions.

It is defined in two dimensions, but not in three dimensions.

It will be defined in three dimensons as a function of phasing.


Thru a single slit go two dimensions.

Thru a double slit, dimesnions are separated and have to rephase.

Nothing is a field of equal and opposite relative dimensions

equal and opposite dimensions constitute a field.

dimensions entangle.

forming two dimensions.

dimensions entangle to form three dimensions.

nothing is plus one relative to minus one.

that’s the definition of nothing.

that’s where nothing comes from.

change in dimension induces another change in dimension.

why is there change in dimension?  i have to think about that.

1. when changes in dimension induce other changes in dimension, three dimensions are generated.

2. when fluctuations in dimension phase the result is a standing wave.