Space has 12 Dimensions: Six Spatial and Six Anti-Spatial Dimensions

Space has 12 Dimensions:

gregory malley
Jun 7 · 1 min read

Six Spatial and Six Anti-Spatial Dimensions

This is simple to graph.

And easy to understand: definition is a function of equal and opposite relativities. A graph is an illustrative framework of equal and opposite relativities.

Here’s the graph of 12 dimensions of space:

three spatial dimensions. three potential dimensions.

three equal and opposite anti-spatial dimensions.

three equal and opposite potential anti-dimensions.

Anti-matter can be defined in normative spatial dimensions in the event that an equivalence of matter pops into existence in anti-spatial dimensions.

Does this help explain entanglement? Yes. That’s a subject for another piece.

Can a change in anti-spatial dimensions induce a change in normative dimensions? Yes. We call this dark energy.

Is our universe expanding because anti-dimensional space is contracting?


Will our universe stop expanding when anti-dimensional space becomes a singularity? And begins contracting?

I don’t know yet. Ask me in a few billion years.

One Dimension Phases into Two Equal and Opposite Dimensions as a Trifoil Knot

Phasing forms one Dimension into 2 Dimension.

Moebius strip like formation is possibility.

When fluctuation forms a Moebius strip,  fluctuations don’t cancel.

An anti-Mobius strip forms.

One Dimensional structure of space is defined. As fluctuations of space.  Which become two dimensions when phased when twisted (A Moebius form).

When split in two, equal and opposite dimension, form a trefoil knot.

This is the hidden structure, revealed as Moebius strip is split into equal and opposite relaticities.

Called a trefoil knot.