Why Inflation is Not Necessary to Explain an Even Temperature Throughout Space

1. Solve the paradox of the first moment.

2. Understand what was going on before the big bang.

3. Space was infinite.

Fluctuations of space were ongoing. Virtual. Non-persistent.

When they phase, they persist. Space is defined.

As phased fluctuations gravitate toward each other, time is defined.

Let’s make the assumption that this is a uniform effect.

The temperature of space will be uniform.

Fluctuations gravitate to form clusters.

Clusters gravitate toward each other.

Clusters aggregate, forming super clusters.

Superclusters gravitate to a central point where they erupt in the Big Bang.

Not all superclusters will make it to this same point prior to the Big Bang.

These superclusters would account for variations in temperature. These superclusters would result in galaxy formation in the re-expanding universe in which they reside.

Temperature variation will exist where clusters formation occurred.


Incorrect: As fluctuations gravitate, space collapses to a central point. Time ends.

Out of this singularity, we have the Big Bang. And time begins again.