Understanding Definition

Quantum split experiment:

Let’s look at it as a function of definition.

Definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity.

Does that explain how a particle can interfere with itself?

Or how detector 3 knows what happened at detector 1?

Such that the same interference pattern is exhibited for both particles?

Or why particles are entangled?


So, is a science a matter of understanding how definition occurs and what constitutes definition.

Dimension of What: How Does Dimension Come Into Being

Definition requires relativity.

Relativity defines an equilibrium.

Equilibrium is definition. Definition is equilibrium.

A dimension which is not in equilibrium is undefined.

A non-equilibrium dimension is virtual.

Dimensions are in equilibrium when there is equal and opposite relativity. Dimensions are defined when there is equal and opposite relativity.

Dimensions pop into and out of being.

Dimension in and of itself is like one hand clapping.

Relative dimensions create position.

How Does Space Come Into Being: How Is Nothing (Zero) Defined …

Change in dimension creates a fluctuation in space. A fluctuation in space is an equal and opposite relativity.

Change in dimension is a change in space.

Change in space is relative change in dimension.

Space defined is a set of dimensions that are coincident; a set of dimensions that are in phase.

Positive change in dimension relative to a negative change in dimension.

No space relative to space.

No space = a hole in a field of positive dimension.

No space = a point.

A point which is imbalanced.  A point which has a charge.  And spin.

A charged particle with spin.

Multiple points move along the line of a wave with charge and spin.

Lines which become tangled.

And knotted.

Multiple points extending into infinity.

How Does Anything Exist

It would have to be simple.

A default.

Here. Picture this.

Waves of fluctuating equal and opposite relativity of dimension collide. Peaks and troughs. At the intersection of troughs, the change in space is negative and persistent.

A negative change in dimension, the negative of something, is nothing. Negative change in dimension is negative energy.

A wisp of smoke collides with another wisp of smoke. Where the wisps intersect, the crease in the air is more pronounced. The area in between is more pronounced, as well.