The medium of conveyance for electromagnetic radiation is change in dimension

Why repel?

Change in dimension.

electric field is one dimension.

magnetic field is a different dimension.

when in phase form three dimensions;

when in phase they share an axis.


e- / e- is the same change in dimension. they repel.

because increasing proximity requires potential energy to become kinetic.


p+ / e-  opposite change in dimension. they attract.

because increasing proximity is an increase in equilibrium.

The Twelve + One Dimensions of Space & Time

How many dimensions are there?

There are equal and opposite dimensions of space.

Constituting three positive dimensions, three negative dimensions, three potential positive dimensions of antimatter and three potential negative dimensions of antimatter.

Plus the dimension of time.

Dimensions are defined as equal and opposite relativities.

How the Microwave Background Radiation Communicated a Uniform Temperature

There was time before the Big Bang when fluctuations of dimension came into phase across the infinite distance of the universe. Which almost collapsed into a singularity. A plasma of phased fluctuations was condensing with greater and greater density. Before collapsing into a singularity, the plasma expanded into the current universe.

A Plasma of Phased Flucutations

Flucutations in dimension phase. Equal and opposite changes in dimension, Negative and positive changes in dimension are an increase in entropy.

Unphased fluctuations in space are a uniformity.

A decrease in uniformity is an increase  in disorder which is an increase in entropy. Phased fluctuations are an increase in disorder locally. Phased fluctuations are an increase in disorder until 50% of the universe is phased fluctuations.

A n increase in order is a decrease in potential energy from infinite to finite.

And thus the universe is born.

Fluctuations in dimension persist when they phase.