Why music gives us a touch of elation

music reinforces the standing wave which is our conscousness.

music orders our consciousness as a standing wave.

music organizes our consciousness as a standing wave.

what is significant, what this tells us is:

our conscious energy can be highly elevated.

our conscious energy can be greatly enhanced.


knots in the dimension of space

check out an interference pattern.

an interference pattern of changes in dimension are precursor conditions for the derivative of changes in dimension: energy.

if the interference pattern is twisted in three dimensions such that the peaks of the interference pattern intersect with peaks, concomitantly  troughs intersect as well; waves then seem like they are made of particles as a function of the intersection points.

as interference patterns interact, the changes in dimension  entangle. space becomes full of entanglements, full of knots.

a ‘particle’ is the intersection of negative dimensions of space.

gravity is the intersection of a change in the positive dimensions of space such that they form a three dimensional depression in space.