Looking in the Wrong Place for Anomalies between Matter and Anti-Matter

Space has six dimensions. Matter is three dimensional. Anti-matter is three dimensional. Matter lives in three dimensional space. Antimatter lives in three anti-dimensional space. We don’t see the other three, which is why we wonder where the anti-matter is.

Singularity of space and anti-singularity of anti-space.

We can understand by looking at a Malley Diagram.

A Malley Diagram is like a Feynman Diagram. Except not as good.
Not as good as in the two should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

Malley Diagram 8.26.18

Here is what is going on in the Malley Diagram:

Phased fluctuations gravitate toward singularity in dimensional space.
Phased fluctuations gravitate toward singularity in anti-dimensional space.

Why inflation occurs:
The boundaries of the singularity forming in anti-dimensional space and the singularity forming in dimensional space collide.
Anti-matter / matter annihilation occurs along the boundary interface.
This annihilation propels the anti-matter and matter singularity formation into a big bang. in dimensional space and an anti-matter big bang in anti-dimensional space.

Gravity is conserved across dimensional and anti-dimensional space.

Where is anti-dimensional space?
Anti-dimensional space is entangled with dimensional space.
In the Malley Diagram, there is a diagram of a phased dimensional space fluctuation relative to an equal and opposite anti-dimensional space fluctuation. The anti-dimensional space constitutes space in three anti-dimensions.

[The potential, or negative energies of dimensional space are another three dimensions. This is visualized as space with an x, y, z grid in 4 quadrants with three dimensions per quadrant.

That’s where anti-dimensional space is. In these three dimensions. Along the x,y,z axis in four quadrants.]

Co-habitating with dimensional space.

So where is the anomaly?

Anti-matter is created equal and opposite to matter in equal and opposite, but separate dimensions entangled with the dimensions of matter.

Anti-matter is created relative to matter. Anti-Matter is defined equal and opposite to matter.
Anti-matter is created in dimensions that are equal and opposite but separate from the dimensions of matter.
Dimensions and anti-dimensions are a function of equal and opposite relative definition and so entangled.

[Anti-matter can leak across from anti-dimensional to dimensional space. Through untangling. An equivalent amount of matter leaks from dimensional space to antidimensional space.]

Matter and anti-matter are entangled and may become untangled due to being tugged from opposite directions through accretion of phased fluctuations toward singularity.

If this happens at scale, as it would when singularity formation approaches its limit, then untanglement and annihilation occurs. But only of the untangled portion. The change in dimension due to untangling produces energy. Energy is released due to untangling and the annihilation of matter and anti-matter which results in the inflation of space.

Space is six dimensional. Matter lives in three dimensions. Antimatter lives in three equal, opposite and separate dimensions.. We don’t see the other three, which is why we can’t find the anti-matter is.