A Feynman Diagram of the Concomitant Definition of Anti-Space and Space

Diagram One illustrates the interphasing of dimensions of space.

Diagram Two illustrates the interphasing of anti-dimensional space.

Diagram Three illustrates the interphasing of dimensional space with anti-dimensional space.

Some fluctuations in matter fields annihilate with fluctuations in anti-matter fields.

Some fluctuations in matter and anti-matter fields interphase.

Dimensions are defined as a function of anti-dimension.

Anti-dimension is a function of dimension.

Dimensional space and anti-dimensional space form a bond.

How does anti-matter and matter form a bond without annihilating?

Reinforcement of an interphasing pattern such that a node is created and shared.

Perhaps a new force? Perhaps a new anti-force.

A force that is expressed as force and anti-force.

A force that works across dimensional and anti-dimensional space.

Anti-matter and matter are formed together.

Some matter fluctuations and anti-matter fluctuations annihilate.

Some anti-matter fluctuations and matter fluctuations interphase without annihilating.

Malley Diagram precursor 1.5

Malley Precursor 2.2

Malley Diagram phased 4.0

Dark matter is an effect of anti-dimensional space.
Dark energy is an effect of anti-dimensional space.

Anti-matter is defined in anti-dimensional space relative to dimensional space.
Anti-matter leaks into dimensional space. Matter leaks into anti-dimensional space.

Anti-dark energy is an effect of dimensional space.
Anti-dark matter is an effect of dimensional space.

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