A Theory of How Gravity in Anti-Dimensional Space Has an Anti-Gravitational Effect in Dimensional Space

The theory is that anti-dimensional space is entangled with dimensional space.
Definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity.
Equal and opposite relativity is a fluctuation in dimension.
A positive fluctuation in space defined relative to a negative fluctuation in space.
A positive fluctuation defines the potential for an equal and opposite positive fluctuation;
a potential positive anti-fluctuation.
A negative fluctuation defines the potential for an equal and opposite negative fluctuation;
a potential negative anti-fluctuation.

Which explains where all of the anti-matter is; its potential positive and negative anti-fluctuations of space.

Entanglement of Dimensional and anti-dimensional space is a function of entanglement.

Is Experimental Verification a possibility?

We can test the entanglement of matter with antimatter.
If matter and antimatter particles are entangled, then the dimensional space of matter and antidimensional space of antimatter will be entangled.

Can we calculate the expansion of the universe based on the anti-gravitational effect of anti-dimensional space?
That would explain the exponential expansion rate.
And possibly the increasing rate of expansion.

Perhaps we can estimate the rate at which anti-matter is produced in beta decay interactions?
Which is possibly the rate at which anti-gravitational space interactions additively accelerate univere expansion as ‘dark energy’.

We could look at the rate of star formation and associated increase in beta decay and see if that is consistent with the rate of expansion.

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