how did this come out of not this

how does anything come out of not anything?

there are fluctuations in dimension.

dimensions of what?   and why would they fluctuate?

definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity.

there is equal and opposite position.

endless equal and opposite relative positions.

position is space. there is position in space.

equal and opposite position defines space.

change in position is change in dimension.

fluctuations = changes in dimension.

changes  in dimension can be imaged as orderly wave patterns.

but, changes in dimension twist, tangle and knot.

knots are equal and opposite relativities.  7:07 am. 7/10/2016

a knot is a concentration of negative dimensions relative to positive dimensions. the positive dimensions are depressions in space which manifest as gravity.

negative dimensions of space are an absence of space.

an absence of nothing is something. a particle of something.


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