Entanglement of Anti-Dimensional Space with Dimensional Space

Anti-dimensional space is defined relative to dimensional space.

Anti-dimensional space interacts with dimensional space. Through entanglement.

There are questions that can be addressed, if anti-dimensional space interacts with dimensional space.

Anti-particles are defined relative to particles. Where are they?
Potential Anti-particles are in anti-dimensional space.

Hypothesis: Curvature of anti-dimensional space is anti-gravitational energy in dimensional space.

Entropy. Why it was so low at the beginning of the universe.
How the phasing of fluctuations in the dimensions of space occurs.

Entanglement of particles and anti-particles resulting from entanglement of dimensional space with anti-dimensional space.

Dark Energy. Is entropy wind down in dimensional space equal to and propelled by potential entropy wind down in anti-dimensional space?

Dark matter. Is gravitational attraction due to entanglement with expression of potential of anti-dimensional mass as it is converted from potential to kinetic?

Bang of the Big Bang; anti-d phasing interacts with d phased fluctuations.
A big bang and an anti-big bang.

Universe expansion.

Universe formation:
Due to the phasing of fluctuations.

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