Its our story

There are two processes, entropy and evolution,  which affect everything. In the process of Entropy, energy states move to ever lower levels. Disorder increases. Hot things become cold. Your phone battery runs down.  Evolution is energy achieving ever higher levels of harmony.  From lifeless inorganic matter,  energy evolves to a higher state of order in which matter is a self replicating structure.

These forces are countervailing. One process runs counter to the other.

It is predicted that due to the process of entropy, eventually the universe will  be cold, lifeless.

Life attained consciousness.

The achievement of consciousness occurred due to the attainment of  higher states of harmony.

Sentient beings love when achieving greater harmony.

If love is a state of perfect state of harmony, then entropy does not  apply to that state.

That state is perpetual.

In the attainment of consciousness and the capacity to love, the universe has evolved a form of energy which is not subject to entropy. The universe has evolved a form of energy which is perpetual. Eternal.






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