Pre-Matter in Dimensional Space and Pre-AntiMatter in Anti-dimensional Space May Form a Matter+AntiMatter Bond Instead of Annihilating

Like the strong force binds electrons that would otherwise repel.

Unphased Anti-matter fluctuation and unphased matter fluctuations come together and form an antimatter/matter nodal entanglement without annihilation. Nodal complex means that the point of intersection revolves along nodes and so does so without annihilation.

Once bound, they don’t annihilate even though defining, or forming, each other as matter/antimatter.

A force, the matter/antimatter binding force, binds matter/antimatter fluctuations in space. Defined but not interacting unless fluctuations untangle.

Unbound and defined matter/antimatter particles annihilate.

The force lines go thru nodes creating the Higgs field and Higgs anti-field; and thus matter and antimatter fluctuations have mass.

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