The Universe and the 12 Dimensions of Equilibrium

The early universe was not very good at math.  When it was busy making matter, positive energy, it also generated negative energy such that energy creation was equal to zero.  That kept the math simple. In the definition of  matter, there is the equal and opposite definition of antimatter. In the definition of dimensional space, anti-matter dimensional space is defined; definition is equal and opposite relativity so definition of a field relatively defines an equal and opposite field. Antimatter is defined in its own dimensional space.

Picture the following:

Two dimensional fluctuations in x, y dimensional space interphase with two dimensional fluctuations in x, z dimensional space such that is always a continuous non-zero value for each plane.

Interphasing occurs due to the increase in equilibrium achieved; prior to phasing, zero values in one plane are quantized relative to positive values in an alternating plane such that non-equilibrium is constant.

Fluctuations in the x, y, z planes of anti-dimensional space interphase, relative to the interphasing of fluctuations in dimensional space.

Interphased dimensional fluctuations annihilate with interphased antimatter fluctuations; x, y, z and anti- x, y, z.  Summing zero.

But … and here’s why there is a universe … two dimensional x, y (virtual matter) fluctuations can interphase with two dimensional x, z (virtual anti-matter) anti-dimensional space fluctuations.  Annihilation does not occur, due to non-alignment of interphased (virtual) 2D matter dimensions with (virtual) 2D anti-matter dimensions. But due the non-alignment, of relative 2D spatial dimensions,  greater equilibrium is achieved with interphasing between 2D structures when bound together to form a 3D matter/ antimatter complex. We see anti-particle emission when interphased fluctuations unentangle.

2D (virtual) Matter / 2D (virtual) Antimatter bond in  x, y; ~x, ~z planes;  2D virtual x, y Matter wants to interphase with fluctuation in x,z plane to form stable 3D matter particle; 2D virtual x, z Antimatter (attracts) wants to interphase with fluctuation in the  antimatter fluctuation in ~x, ~y plane to form a 3D antimatter particle.

precursor1 matterantimatter
precursor2 matterantimatter
precursor3 matterantimatter attract
Malley Diagram phased 4.0

Result: Matter anti-matter bond. Matter is in dimensional space; Antimatter is in anti-dimensional space; Forming a bounded x, y, z, ~x, ~y, ~z complex. Nodes are at the nexus of dimensional space and anti-dimensional space.

Once matter and antimatter form a bond, with matter in dimensional space and antimatter in anti-dimensional space,  annihilation occurs when the interphased fluctuations untangle; an antimatter particle ‘leaks’ into dimensional space and a matter particle ‘leaks’ into anti-dimensional space.   What does leakage look like? Matter and antimatter unphase, becoming less stable. Annihilation occurs because upon the untangling of phased fluctuations, lobes of the ~x, ~ y, ~z planes align with nodes of the x, y, z planes as they seek greater stability. At the same time, the same thing is happening in anti-dimensional space; the matter particle is annihilating with an antimatter particle in anti-dimensional space.

It gets interesting when fluctuations in two, or virtual dimensional space, phase with fluctuations in virtual anti-dimensional space for equilibrium due to the formation of three dimensional space.  This is also happens due to the reduction in entropy. The formation of three dimensional space is the formation of a bond avoiding annihilation. See illustration.

Entropy in anti-dimensional space is expressed as dark energy in our universe.

Our dark mater is expressed as entropy in anti-dimensional space.

Beta decay producing anti-matter.  Beta decay is an untangling … of dimensional and anti-dimensional space.

Don’t cancel because are in different dimensions. ??

Evidence of this is abundant.

1. Chirality.

2. Inflation.

3.   ripples in temp Striations in MW heat are phase lines.

with when equal and opposite cancel out fluctuations


to form a three dimensional field. A field defining matter in dimensional space and anti-matter in anti-dimensional space.

2D Matter and 2D antimatter interphase get 3D structure that defines itself, is a function of definition.


Interphasing is a reduction in entropy while attraction to another interphased fluctuation increases entropy.

until one fluctuation attracts another.

Of course, antimatter could only be defined in its own dimension.

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