When the Singularities of Anti-Dimensional Space and Normative Space Connect

Fluctuations of anti-dimension phase.
A cluster forms as phased space becomes ever more dense.
Phased fluctuations gravitate toward a central point.

Why does this happen?
When fluctuations in normative dimensional space phase, there is relative equal and opposite definition of fluctuation in anti-dimensional space.
Anti-dimensional space forms a super cluster.
Normative dimensional dimension space form a super cluster.
The superclusters connect.
The Big Bang ensues. Two Big Bangs.
A Big Bang occurs in normative dimensional space.
A Big Bang occurs in anti-dimensional space.
One is potential of the other;
matter is the potential of anti-matter,
anti-matter is the potential of matter.

This process is iterative.
If there is unevenness as the phased fluctuations and anti-phased fluctuations gravitate toward a central point, the anti-matter dimensions and matter dimensions connect.
A Big Bang occurs.
The initial conditions may result in a Universe that collapses.

This process continues until the normative dimensional universe and the anti-dimensional universe collapse in a uniformly smooth manner.
Entropy is low.
The normative dimension and anti-dimensional dimension connect and erupt.

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