How Entropy Drove the Process that Resulted in The Big Bang

The twisting of string into knots increase entropy.
The force of gravitational attraction decreases entropy.

Knots in dimensions of space occur due to fluctuations in space. Knots in space occur spontaneously due to entropy.
Knots in space gravitate toward a central point

As gravity decreases entropy, the decrease in entropy is offset by the increased entropy of knot formation.

So what does a knot in space and anti-dimensional space look like;
A Knot in change of dimension positive dimension relative to negative dimension, relative toanti-positive dimension relative to anti-negative dimension.

In anti-dimensional space,
entropy increases with anti-knots in anti-space formation,
entropy decrease as anti-knots in anti-space gravitate to a central point.

When space untangles, equal and opposite dimensions interact.
As particles untangle, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This creates a draft from one dimensional space to the other dimensional space.

Inflation occurs as dimensional space and anti-dimensional space interact at their boundary.

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