A New Conservation Law: The Connection Between the Worlds of Dimensional Space and Anti-dimensional space

An Unsolved Mystery is often Fertile Ground for a Breakthrough in Physics.
An unsolved Mystery often Portends a Breakthrough in Physics.

I am not sure which lead off sentence I prefer …

One such anomaly relates to the whereabouts of the antimatter that was created in the throes of the Big Bang.

The answer is that it is hiding in plain sight. Sorry to use a cliche.
But it is hiding right in front of our eyes.

Antimatter is located in antidimensional space.

Although it doesn’t know it is hiding. It doesn’t even know it is missing.
It may be wondering where all of the matter is.

Matter is, of course, in plain old normative dimensional space.

The breakthrough, in case you didn’t catch it, is that there is anti-dimensional space relative to dimensional space.

Anti-dimensional space leaks into dimensional space. There is an exchange of antimatter particles for matter particles. When antimater particles pop into existence in dimensional space, matter particles pop into existence in antidimensional space.

Could this be the cause of the expansion of the dimensional universe attributable to the effect of dark energy?

Wait a minute. Back up. Anti-dimensional space relative to dimensional space?
Definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity.
Dimensional space can only be defined relative to Antidimensional space.
Particles can only be defined relative to antiparticles.

Picture a sine wave of positive and negative energy with a shadow sine wave of positive anti-dimensional and negative anti-dimensional energy.

Energy is a function of change in dimension.
Energy in any plane is due to a change in dimension.

A sine wave is defined relative to an anti-sine wave.
That’s two dimensions. One normative. One anti-dimensional.

An anti-sine wave is relative to a potential anti-sine wave.
Two dimensions. Both anti-dimensional.
One accounted for above. One additional.

A sine wave is relative to a potential sine wave.
Two dimensions. Both normative dimensional. One accounted for above. One additional.

Thus, there are four dimensions in the X axis. Four dimensions in the Y axis. Four dimensions in the Z axis.
Positive and negative dimensional space, positive and negative anti-dimensional space change relative to each other as each micro-state seeks to increase its entropy.

We get a cosmic ray in our normative dimensional space. The anti-dimensional space gets a cosmic ray.
Entropy increases in each micro-state, thus the occurrence is spontaneous.

Attribution to IOP
Beta decay
Beta decay itself comes in two kinds: β+ and β-.

β- emission occurs by the transformation of one of the nucleus’s neutrons into a proton, an electron and an antineutrino. Byproducts of fission from nuclear reactors often undergo β- decay as they are likely to have an excess of neutrons.

β+ decays is a similar process, but involves a proton changing into a neutron, a positron and a neutrino.

Gamma decay
After a nucleus undergoes alpha or beta decay, it is often left in an excited state with excess energy.

Just as an electron can move to a lower energy state by emitting a photon somewhere in the ultraviolet to infrared range, an atomic nucleus loses energy by emitting a gamma ray.

Gamma radiation is the most penetrating of the three, and will travel through several centimetres of lead.

Beta particles will be absorbed by a few millimetres of aluminium, while alpha particles will be stopped in their tracks be a few centimetres of air, or a sheet of paper – although this type of radiation does the most damage to materials it hits.

End of Attribution

When the phased quark alignment unphases and realigns, Beta decay occurs; there is a crack between the worlds.
The worlds of dimensional space and antidimensional space.
Antimatter leaks through to dimensional space. An equivalent amount of matter pops up in antidimensional space.

Dark energy may result in part from the kinetics of the gamma rays produced. And from antienergy anti-gravitational effects; as in antienergy gravitational effects.

Offsetting antigravitational pull may cause dark matter effects; gravitational effects between the two spaces, dimensional space and anti-gravitational space, are conserved.

Dark energy and dark matter are due to the conservation of gravity between anti-dimensional and dimensional space. In anti-dimensional space there is the equivalence of anti-dark energy and anti-dark matter to dark energy and dark matter in dimensional space.

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