The Conservation of Gravity: Gravity is Conserved between Anti-Dimensional and Dimensional Space

The Gravitational effect of dark matter is equivalent to the gravitational effect of anti-dark matter.

What experimental evidence could there possibly be?

Does the expansion of the universe coorelate to the creation of gamma rays?
Or star formation and beta decay?

Does dark matter coorelate to antimatter activity?

Antimatter activity in normative dimensional space will be offset by matter activity in anti-dimensional space.
Gravitational effects of anti-dark energy and anti-dark matter are offset by dark energy anti-gravitational effects in dimensional space. Anti-dark matter’s gravitational effects in anti-dimensional space are offset by dark matter’s dimensional effects in dimensional space.

Inflationary effects of the Big Bang could be attributed to the expansion of anti-dimensional space relative to dimensional space. What caused inflation?

The inflation of space was caused by the anti-dimensional field confluent with the dimensional field.
Let me explain. Phased dimensional space forms a singularity. Phased anti-dimensional space forms an anti-singularity; singularities with equal and opposite properties. As the singularities conflate, they annihilate at the boundary and inflate. Matter is relative to potential anti-matter; anti-matter is relative to potential matter.

Superposition occurs because dimensional and anti-dimensional space interrelate; they are on top of each other.
Anti-dimensional space and dimensional space are entangled. So, particles they define are entangled. There is a simultaneous criss cross propagation of definition from matter defining negative anti-matter which defines anti-matter which defines negative matter, which defines matter.

Entanglement of definition is entanglement of dimension which is entanglement of space which is entanglement of fields.

Hypothesis: Particles, which emerge due to phasing of fluctuations within a field, ‘excitation’, are, in their definition, entangled.

Hypothesis: Superposition occurs through the entanglement of dimensional and anti-dimensional space.

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