Anti-Dark Energy in the Anti-dimensional Spatial Reference Space … And the Low Entropy Microstate that Resulted in the Big Bang

Dark energy and dark mass in dimensional spatial reference frame, which is relative to anti-dark energy and anti-dark mass in the anti-dimensional spatial reference frame, keep entropy at zero.

Dark energy sources anti-dark matter in an anti-dimensional spatial reference frame. Anti-dark matter sources dark energy in a dimensional spatial reference frame. Dark matter sources anti-dark energy. Anti-dark energy sources dark matter.

An explanation for how the universe could have been at a low entropy state that resulted in the Big Bang.

And for the inflationary expansion of space that is the BB.

What Does This Look Like
Anti-Space and space are fluctuations that are entangled, that form a bond, but do not interact.

Does inflation match up with anti-dark matter’s capacity to produce dark energy at the moment at which the relative dimensional reference frame began its inflationary expansion? Matter’s expansion would match up with anti-dark energy formation. Because gravity is conserved. And because it is a function of definition.

Complex. Synchron. Synplex. Is in anti-3D space.

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