Quantum Quandries Resolved by the Phased Fluctuation of Dimension

Fluctuation of Dimension is change in position.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity;

Expansion of space and gravitational attraction is a function of the definition of Positive dimension relative to negative dimension.

The expansion of space accelerates because as space expands there is an increase in the potential for fluctuations of space to phase. Increased phasing of fluctuations creates more space which results in more phasing which results in more space.

Whatever phenomenon is responsible for dark energy, the expansion of space would have to allow for it to accelerate the expansion of space. I suggest that this phenomenon  would be the phasing of fluctuations of space.  And the more space expands the more phasing will occur.


Quantum Entanglement

Definition is equal and opposite relativity. Separating particles does not affect their mutual definition.

Double Slit

Definition allows for one particle to create an interference pattern because its definition creates an equal and opposite relativity.

Missing Antimatter

Antimatter is defined as potential. Equal and opposite relative definition defines 12 dimensions. Six of those dimensions are potential.


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