Why is Dark Matter and Dark Energy So Prevalent

What do I mean by Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Equal and opposite fluctuations in dimension.

Fluctuations are precursor elements to particles.

There is is a high ratio of precursor elements to final producs, those dark mass and dark energy are more prevalent.

Hypothesis 1

how did this come out of not this

Hypothesis 2

When equal and opposite fluctuations phase, the negative change in dimension  is like a tiny black hole.  These tiny black holes accumulate. A stream of energy waves are emitted, such as  gamma rays?

The positive change in dimension creates space.

Hypothesis  3

When equal and opposite fluctuations phase, the negative change in dimension is no space. No space is no dimension relative to dimensions of space. As a position of no space interacts with other positions with no space, there is an accumulation of no dimensional anti-space. Anti-space is a negative change in the dimension of space and as it has no dimensionality it is the opposite of space; it’s a particle.

Here: I read this somewhere (NewScientist)

Even though gravity is pulling inward on space-time — the “fabric” of the cosmos — it keeps expanding outward faster and faster. To account for this, astrophysicists have proposed an invisible agent that counteracts gravity by pushing space-time apart. They call it dark energy. In the most widely accepted model of dark energy, it is a “cosmological constant”: an inherent property of space itself, which has “negative pressure” driving space apart. As space expands, more space is created, and with it, more dark energy. Based on the observed rate of expansion, scientists know that the sum of all the dark energy must make up more than 70 percent of the total contents of the universe. But no one knows how to look for it. The best researchers have been able to do in recent years is narrow in a bit on where dark energy might be hiding, which was the topic of a study released in August 2015.


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